Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Next Book

As you can see, I got an early start on "A Good Man is Hard to Find", which I planned to begin discussing the first week of August, but I moved it up to the last week of July, since I'm on tour almost all of August ... in fact, I'm traveling through Flannery's Georgia as I write this!

Feel free to join in to the discussion of "A Good Man is Hard to Find", or start one on "The Spirituality of Flannery O'Connor" post.

Our next story will be THE RIVER, which we will discuss no later than the first week of September.  We are making our way through the stories in order, in the collection A Good Man is Hard to Find.


  1. Just finished reading The River last night, and can't wait to hear your commentary and discuss this one!

  2. Just finished it as well, and looking forward to hearing the comments of Mr. O'Brien. It has been a year since last reading it, and not being surprised provided me a closer look at the characters, the settings, the actions, and allowed my imagination to roam and place me inside the action.