Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The River

Ranting and raving about "The River" - as if I'm Bevel himself!

We'll discuss using the comment section below!

ONE BIG THING I forgot to mention in this video.  Mr. Paradise fishes in the river with an unbaited hook.  You can't catch fish with an unbaited hook.  You will come up empty, as he does when he tries to fish Harry out at the end.  Mr. Paradise is NOT a "fisher of men".  He is an anti-apostle (not unlike many of our current bishops).


  1. Let me begin this with a question.

    What is Mr. Paradise doing at the end of the story, before Harry ends up at the river, when Mr. Paradise sees him walking by alone? Is he trying to save him? Or ... something worse?

    Note as well that this pig-like hulking man is compared to "an ancient water monster" grasping for Harry at the end of the story. Why would Flannery use that image?

    1. It's paradoxical that Paradise is potentially a hero by one set of standards and a villain by another. I guess the question is whether you believe Harry faced a fate worse than (bodily) death.

    2. Hey, Bret! I don't think Paradise is a hero at all. I did not make that clear in my video. I think he's not planning on rescuing Harry. Far from it.

  2. Darren SzwajkowskiOctober 16, 2018 at 2:59 PM

    This one was confusing for me as I couldn’t really relate to the whole “altar call” thing. Watching the video made some sense but I don’t feel like I’m truly grasping what Flannery was trying to convey. Unless it was just about a selfish society where it’s about me as the father and mother portrayed.

    As far as Mr. Paradise, I had reservations when he grabbed the peppermint stick right away. With not knowing the boy, that just smelled of pedophilia as to me that’s just bait he was using in hope he could lure the boy. In his desire for the boy, he turns into “Gollum” because he realizes his “precious” is about to get away.

    Well, that’s my take on Mr. Paradise.